Chapter 1

The beginning of a new era on planet Earth

– Joaquin, Anna, Sarah, Mary, Azaham, and Joseph; – David;

– Jacob, the well-doer;

– Joseph settles in Nazareth;

– Matthew, the carpenter;

– Joseph’s genealogy and his first union;

– Joseph’s return to Bethlehem with Sarah and Azaham;

– From Azaham to Simeon Joseph;

– The division of the tetrarchy of Herod the Great;

– The Law of the Widows;

– Cerculis, the main city of Galilee;

– Zechariah and Zacchaeus;

– Athabam, the pillager;

– Isabel;

– Zechariah and his brother at the Temple on the Mount;

– The passing of Joaquin and Sarah;

– Joseph’s first children;

– The rebel Joseph fighting in Jerusalem;

– The new routine of the widower Joseph;

– His conception;

– Joseph does not recognize his paternity;

– Joseph’s solution for Mary’s undesired (on his part) pregnancy;

– Mary announces, at the market place, his coming;

– The announcement to Mary from the legitimate messenger of God;

– Mary’s arrest and trial;

– Mary in Veneram with Isabel;

– Anna, Matthew, and Joseph return to Nazareth;

– The coming of John, his precursor;

– The announcement to Joseph, and Mary’s return to the native village;

– The census of the Hebrews;

– Balthazar;

– Confiding in Simeon Joseph about his coming;

– The news of his coming invades Bethlehem;

– The hearsay when the shining Star of Bethlehem appeared;

– The prediction that a super-monarch would make an entrance.