Chapter 12

Throughout villages and gatherings of people, so that no one would not hear about God and His teachings

– In Bethany, awakening Lazarus; – Why our Father, once again, sends us His teachings;

– The passage about the good Samaritan;

– Those who had power plot to shut him up;

– No longer supportedby James Bedell’s brother;

– The passage about the owner of the vine;

– Joel’s awakening;

– Responding to the messenger of John, the one who baptized and preached by the Jordan River;

– Joanna;

– When the Creator of this planet would send us His teachings again;

– Advising his closest collaborators one more time about the days to come;

– The passage about the man who felt safe for protecting everything he owned;

– The passage about the owner of a field that yielded abundantly;

– The passage about the administrator who did not do what had been asked of him;

– The passage about the reliable and prudent administrator;

– The passage about the fig tree that did not bear fruit;

– Advising John Bedell;

– The stealing of part of the notes of Matthew the Son;

– The passage about the ones who are invited to our Father’s supper;

– Susanna;

– The renegotiation of his delivery;

– Pharisees and clergymen, disguised, trying to expose his condition as a deceiving prophet;

– Reaffirming the he had not come for the Hebrews only;

– The passage about Lazarus, the excluded one;

– Zacchaeus, the publican;

– The passage about God as the sower of the universe;

– Confirming to the apostles and disciples that he would perish and offering them the chance to give up following him;

– Mary Bedell;

– The passage about unwatchfulness.