Chapter 15

The saddest days

– Peter disguised as a trader in Jerusalem; – Instructing the leader of the Pharisees;

– James Malachias;

– The reunion of the wise men;

– More money to persuade him to turn himself in;

– Advising Peter;

– The greedy Hebrew finds out about his blood brother’s course;

– Mary awaits Veronica so that she would see him again;

– Veronica and John, his siblings, arrive at Mount Ghetsemane coming from Galilee;

– With Mary;

– John, the one who had a limp;

– James Joseph;

– Simon Cananeus;

– His return to Jerusalem;

– The prediction that what he had done would be witnessed to and reported and that the teachings of God he had brought would be revived;

– Being observed by the commanderat the Temple, and how the latter finally obtained permission from his immediate superior to arrest him;

– The stealing of some more notes with God’s teachings;

– How this planet will be when our Father’s teachings are revealed as they were first announced and practiced;

– The one with the highest rank sent by the colonizing metropolis decides on how to behave when he was arrested;

– Joseph of Arimathea;

– The attempt of the ones who had power to corrupt Matthew;

– At Barachiah’s, his last supper;

– The denouncer receives a complementary pay;

– His detention on the Mount of Olives;

– Nebethuel gives up his living for his;

– Questioned by the high priest;

– Part of Peter’s redemption;

– His trial;

– Instructing the supreme commander of the imperial metropolis;

– In Jerusalem, the behavior of his close collaborators after his arrest;

– His coronation;

– Freedom to the ex-fisherman from Capernaum;

– Thaddeuswatches the denouncer’s disembodiment;

– The failed plan to avoid his death;

– Telling Mary that he would be with our Father;

– The decision about his destiny;

– Choosingbetween his freedom or that of a thief;

– On the way to the Mount of the Damned by the Lord to Eternal Hell, he is relieved from the crossbar;

– His crucifixion and death;

– The ex-fisherman’s amazing attempt to save him;

– The stealing of a lot more of Matthew’s notes;

– After his passing, the encounter with Ruth’s son-in-law;

– Told that he had returned in spirit, his followers go away from Jerusalem;

– The outcome of the dislodgment of the refuge of peace in Jerusalem, which was destroyed by the soldiers from the colonizing metropolis, after a cruel massacre;

– The concealment of his body of flesh and, according to what people believed at the time,his resurrection;

– The strikingdeclaration of two foreign combatants with regard to his departure towards the Lord;

– The certainty among the subjugated ones about the destinyof his apostles and disciples.