Chapter 17

The main happenings concerning the apprentices to be spreaders of God’s teachings until they arrived in Capernaum

– With Matthew, James Isaac, and James Cosah; – With Peter, Abihu and Andrew Simon;

– With Bartholomew, James Alphaeus, and Lot;

– With Matthias and Andrew Simon, the other one with the same name;

– On top of Mount Ghetsemane;

– With James Bedell, Jude Thaddeus, and Zacchaeus;

– Thomas, who accepted the existence of subsequent lives after the death of the body of flesh without needing to verify that Jesus did not cease to exist, even during his martyrdom on the cross; who, from a slave, became a competent administrator of the financial resources that first funded the expenses of those in the caravan, then of those who spread the teachings of God after the promised one.