Chapter 2

The birth of Jesus, the one promised to the peoples of the Earth

– His nativity; – The coming of Anna and Matthew’s son;

– Joseph and Mary are wanted in Nazareth;

– The first flight;

– As Jeremiah;

– Anna’s death;

– The murder of the ones born under the Star of Bethlehem and of the ones who were descended from Josephs;

– The second flight of Joseph and Mary;

– The reason for the murder;

– The royal counselor with Simeon Joseph;

– The assumption of the chief representative of Rome;

– The miserable Hebrews;

– The relief after the sudden departure of Mary of Clopas;

– The resurgence of Hiatta with the help of Elijah;

– Joseph in Jacob’s lands;

– Jared;

– His childhood; John, Veronica, and James, his siblings;

– The warning that the pursuit would restart.