Chapter 3

The long walk back to Nazareth

– The pursuit restarts; – Joseph is seriously injured;

– Alphaeus;

– As Little Joseph, in the caravan towards Egypt;

– The Hebrew commandedby those who subjugated his people returns to Hiatta;

– A new message to Elijah;

– Mary heading towards the unknown;

– Under Isaiah’s protection;

– Isaiah, the prophet from Raphah;

– The events that preceded the reunion of Joseph and Mary;

– Matthew, the melon grower, arrives in Hiatta;

– Joseph with Sarah’s twins;

– Joseph leaves Hiatta, and his firstborn treads a different path;

– Simon and Pustule;

– Zilah;

– His advisors;

– The walk according to Mary;

– Alphaeus’s discovery;

– The group of which Mary was part is arrested and mysteriously released;

– The ones who were looking for him track down Alphaeus;

– Curing a leprous woman;

– At Adam’s, Mary and Joseph reunite;

– The sadness and passing of Old Matthew;

– Joseph and his family start walking again;

– The passage about the lost sheep;

– His kidnapping;

– The death of the one under command who had hunted him for many harvests;

– Making a stop in Antipatris;

– Helping a player;

– Joseph is made a slave, and the presence of the man from Alexandria;

– Joseph at the building site of roads for the Romans;

– Shepherding;

– Persisting to help the inconsequential player;

– The last stage of the journey;

– Nathaniel;

– The advice to Alphaeus;

– The vagabonds, without Joseph, finally in Nazareth;

– Enfranchisement to the slave Joseph.