Chapter 6

When he starts searching for those who would help him, he returns to Nazareth, reporting about God and His teachings

– The repercussion of what he reported at the Temple on the Mount; – The passage about the king who gave away coins;

– Orontes, the one who went looking for him;

– Tobias;

– The removal of ulcers in eleven men;

– John, the one who purified by the Jordan River;

– Zacchaeus, Zechariah’s brother;

– The recovery of Mary Bedell’s health;

– His ablution;

– Two of the Baptist’s disciples are encouraged to follow him;

– Levi, the publican;

– The cure of Abdias, the one lowered through a hole in the roof of the synagogue;

– Abihu;

– James Bedell;

– Bartholomew;

– Philip and Andrew Saul;

– Peter;

– John Bedell;

– The passage about the fisherman;

– Thomas;

– Peter discovers what path to follow;

– The passage about the return of the repented son;

– The return of Joseph’s firstborn;

– Tobias’s death, and the transference of the responsibility over the one whom he had carefully looked after to his friend.