Chapter 13

Reporting about our Father and His teachings in Jerusalem

– Jerusalem as his destination, so that no one would not learn about God’s teachings again; – The outcome in case Peter affirmed he was Jesus to the ones from the imperial metropolis;

– The ones who subjected themselves to the consequences of being by his side;

– The prediction concerning Jerusalem;

– The death of John, Isabel and Zechariah’s only son;

– Mishael, the one who had been blind since his birth and who in Jericho started seeing;

– The passage about the grain of wheat;

– Another increase in the reward for his denouncement;

– The passage about the unreliable administrator;

– A tangible treasure for the cure of the son of a rich trader;

– Barachiah;

– The passage about the large net;

– James Cosah;

– Educating Pharisees and presbyters who were listening to him in hiding;

– Philip makes a decision;

– The passage about the workers of the last hour;

– Confirming that Peter would need to deny him;

– Advising his inconsolable collaborators about his death;

– Fifty coins for him to be invited to speak at the Temple of Jerusalem;

– Also the reason that he would be resigned to his death.