Chapter 4

It is Time to start spreading God’s teachings on planet Earth

– Joseph’s routine, and data about Nazareth; – Alphaeus’s death;

– The player in Cerculis;

– Palestine;

– Announcing to his genitor what he came here to do;

– Who witnessed everything;

– Leading pillagers towards the good way;

– The future of James, Mary’s youngest;

– The certainty of what he wanted becoming manifest;

– His posterity allegedly being decided by Joseph;

– Matthew defines his future himself;

– From Nazareth towards Jerusalem;

– Curing Simon;

– The passageway of purification;

– The prophecies of Isaiah, the most respected Hebrew vaticinator;

– Joseph’s persistent doubt;

– In the desert, in the middle of a sandstorm;

– Recognized by David;

– The sacrifice of the eleven pilgrims;

– Julia’s happiness;

– With Lazarus for the first time;

– Joseph convinced he would be helped;

– Safe with Simeon Joseph in Bethlehem;

– Making himself prisoner for the sake of Abigail;

– His last conversation with Joseph;

– As Jesus;

– Matthew’s notes;

– Jesse;

– Jerusalem is not yet the destination;

– With the Essenes in Coram;

– What happened after he left Bethlehem.